001 Skate Motivation Interview with Josh Katz

Skateboarding Story:

  • Although skateboarding his whole life, a few years ago he asked what he can do to expand his skateboarding. So he’s been focusing on being a more well rounded person and showcasing his personality for his viewers on his YouTube channel.

Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment:

  • “Smashed my face while doing a double backside flip down a gap.” Says Josh Katz, now Unlike many skaters Josh explains this in a positive way? Explaining “I started getting into photography” and further explains other aspects of being a creative mind not just as a physical athlete. Creating many avenues in editing film, photography and professionalism in other aspects of the Skate industry. He also used that story on his college essay application to get into NYU. There’s a positive side to every bad thing that could happen to you.

Biggest Motivator:

  • For Josh the biggest motivation is a great breakfast! A breakfast sandwich. A healthy breakfast is what helps Josh Katz get to his next step his next task of the day.

Biggest AH-HA Moment:

  • It was when Josh put together his a ‘Day In The Life’ series.  While he was filming it, Josh was concerned it would not be as gripping as his past posts. After the day filming and editing he went to post it on his YouTube. Concerned with the views and comments, Josh went to sleep and woke up with what turned into his biggest youtube series. A ‘Day In The Life’ with Josh Katz show where Josh travels, skates and performs hi-jinx around NYC, New Jersey and his home town. If you’re not trying new things you’re being stagnant.

Best Advice

  • “You can cook” – Chef Gusteau from — Josh interpreted it as you can do anything. Follow a path and accomplish anything that you set your mind too.

Tool / Tip:

  • Keep notes, set goals, keep a list, and write things down. Keep a journal. Cross off things that you complete.

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