003 Skate Motivation Interview with JP Garcia

What does it take to be a sponsored skateboarder under 10 years old?  Join us as JP Garcia shares skateboarding advice and his skateboarding mindset.

Skateboarding Story:
  • Loves to skate with his friends and family and have fun.
Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment
  • Had a bad fall and chipped his tooth. It made him feel bad for a moment, but he got back up.
Biggest AH-HA Moment:
  • JP hit his first rail, had doubts, but when he did it, he knew that he can do anything. It made him feel good.
Best Advice:
Biggest Weakness:
  • His biggest weakness is that he’s a perfectionist. He practices and practices until it’s perfect.
Biggest Strength:
  • Motivation
Biggest Fear:
  • JP fears “nothing and no one”
Tool / Tip:
  • Repetition is the key to being a good & consistent skater.
  • Focus on the trick you’re doing.
Favorite Video:
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