004 Skate Motivation Interview with Greg Lutzka

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated Skateboarder? Join us as Greg Lutzka shares his rich career full of stories. Greg goes into his mindset and get an inside glance at the life of a professional and successful skateboarder.

Skateboarding Story:
  • Greg up playing ice hockey in Milwaukee Wisconsin. But some friends that were into skateboarding and he quickly gravitated to it.  Then when a skatepark opened up in his hometown, that is when he started skateboarding everyday. They started holding contests and he entered them. Then at 15, he went down to Tampa Am and did bad. So bad he got the “Worst Fall” award. The next year, he worked super hard, went back to Tampa and qualified top 10, then he met potential sponsors. A year later he met up with Hurley, Nixon, Globe. That was when he met his first real board sponsor named Illenium Skateboards. The owner Al Partanen, really took Greg under his wing, mentored him, got him on the road to film and shoot with big photographers, and into contests. That led to many more opportunities and then that led to a 411 video part and a Transworld Skateboarding interview.
Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment:
  • Greg was filming for a video part and kept pushing back filming his last part. On the day before his part was due, he tried to kickflip backlip the Hollywood High School 15 and broke his collar bone. He realized that he got off his routine, wasn’t feeling it, approached the rail the wrong way and got injured. He was out for 6 weeks. When he got back on the board, he was super scared, and it took him a few more months to get his confidence up.  He eventually dropped 5 more video parts. His approach to getting hurt is different now. He realized that you live and you learn and no matter what you do in life, you can get hurt. He also trusts his intuition now.
Biggest AH-HA Moment:
  • He learned to focus on one thing at a time. It allows him to concentrate on what’s happening on the day. So a good way to deal with stress, being judged, and pressure, he focuses on the moment. Focus on what you’re doing at the moment, that’s how you’ll enjoy skateboarding.
Best Advice:
  • Skateboard for the right reasons. Do it because you love it.
Tool / Tip:
  • Watching skate movies on his phone and listening to music that gets him motivated.
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