008 Skate Motivation Interview with Mac Premo

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated director and artist? Join us as Mac Premo shares his journey and skateboarding mindset and get an inside glance at his life and career.

Skateboarding Story:
  • Premo first felt like a skater when he was able ollie and 50/50 stall on a park bench. The park bench was only 10 inches tall but it was the feeling of being able to do something on a skateboard that small made him stoked.
Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment:
  • Around the birth of his first child, Mac did not know where he wanted to do in his life. People around him told him that he had talent, but nothing was clicking and working in his career. The world around Mac was telling him was going to be fine,  but he was not fine. He was struggling professionally.
Biggest AH-HA Moment:
  • Mac met Don Sanford, and asked him for his help on a new project he was working on. Mac was one was one of fifteen artists the World Wildlife Fund reached out to for the Earth Hour day.  Mac paired up with Don Sanford to make a recycled skateboard out of old buckets found at construction sites. This is how the idea of Bucket Boards came about.
Best Advice:
  • You don’t raise children you raise adults.
Tool / Tip:
  • Mac always have a pen and pad with him to jot his ideas down, Mac also writes down the date which he got the idea.
Book / Video:
Interview Links:

Mac Premo Website
Mac Premo Vimeo
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