009 Skate Motivation Interview with Andy Schrock

Interview with Andy Schrock

Join us as Andy Schrock shares his personal story and success mindset. Get an inside glance at Andy’s journey of becoming a successful skateboarder, YouTube video star, and entrepreneur.

Skateboarding Story:
  • Andy Schrock knew skateboarding was his life from the moment he stepped on the board. When Andy was fourteen years old he was in  a comic shop, a guy who use to make fun of him came up to him and asked him if he wanted to skate. Andy realized how much he loved the challenge of tackling a trick and conquering it. He went home and asked his mom how he could get one.
Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment:
  • One of the worst moments Andy had to face as a skater was last year when he ripped his achilles tendon.  Andy was not able to skate for a total of eight months, every time  he believed he was able to skate again he re ripped it. This was a dark moment for him because this is when he realized that he was getting older.
Biggest AH-HA Moment:
  • A super motivated moment Andy had is the creation of his youtube channel. Andy was 25 years old, his goal was to create a better following. He wanted to have a better impact on the world through his skateboarding. He somehow knew it could make his own life better and easier too. So what he did was put all his skate footage online with bit of his own personality.
Best Advice:
  • No one is going to land this trick but you.
Tool / Tip:
  • At the beginning of every work day Andy says “I have goals”. It’s kind of the same as a list, every day give yourself a goal and cross them off, as time goes on.
Book / Video:
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