011 Skate Motivation Interview with Steve Berra – Part 2

Skate Motivation Interview with Steve Berra
How Steve Overcome’s Fear:
  • The way to deal with fear is to borough through it, then it will eventually subside.
One Thing That Motivates Him:
  • Being a father to a 2 year old boy.
Who Steve Surrounds Himself With:
  • He tries to work with his friends. But some of his friends include: Eric Koston and Joel Petersen. He surrounds him people with the same goals as him.
Anything He Felt Held Him Back:
  • He refused to use the excuse that he didn’t have money. Despite growing up with not a lot of money, he works crappy jobs, ate, went to school, and skated. That was his routine. He was determined.
Personal Habit:
  • He makes lists. Writes down all that he wants to do. Buys notebooks and fills it up with ideas.
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