022 Rodney Torres on overcoming injuries

022 Rodney Torres on overcoming injuries
Moment he knew skateboarding was for him:

 Always had a skateboard growing up. He also grew up playing soccer and baseball. When he 11, he saw a guy who ollie up a curb. He ran after the guy and asked him how to ollie. Rodney learned to ollie that day. That was the moment he knew skateboarding was for him.

High point of his career:

Building the Maloof skatepark in Queens meant a lot to him. Maloof built in 2010 and brought Rodney was assisting the project manager. Assistant with design and bringing on local skaters to help with the project. Being able to go there and know he had a part in the project made him feel really good and was meaningful to him.

Worst moment:

He hurt his knee skateboarding years ago. He had a bunch of sponsors but during the the healing and rehab process he lost his sponsors, income, and coverage. It was hard on him mentally. The biggest lesson was that it made him realize why he skates. He came out thinking that he loves skateboarding regardless.

Recent Aha Moment:

You have to do it yourself. No one is going to do it for you.

Message behind the Torro Skateboards Brand

You have to take charge and go after what you want.

How he overcomes fear:

Trial and error

People he looks up to:

Felix Arguelles, Steve Rodriguez, Jeff Pang

Best Advice He Ever Received

Harold Hunter — “keep skating kid”

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