024 Carlos Zarazua on building a squad, traveling, learning, and growing through skateboarding

024 Carlos Zarazua

This week we talk with Carlos Zarazua a pro skater from Los Angeles, CA who’s sponsored by Mountain Dew, Jart Skateboards, Krysp Headwear, Bliss Wheels, Venture Trucks, and Diamond Supply Company.

The moment he knew skateboarding was for him:

His mom got him a board at 12 years old and ever since then he did it every single day. He grew up as a neighbor to Paul Rodriguez who lived across the street. He met him skating at a supermarket loading dock. Paul would always sell his old clothes and shoes to the younger kids. It gave him motivation and inspiration to make it a career.

High point of his career:

His first time in a Primitive Skateboard film where they had a premiere. Then he went to SXSW with the Mountain Dew skate team. Then 2 days later he went to Spain for 3 months.

Low Point of Career:

When he gets hurt. The feeling of being stuck at home, gaining weight, and being frustrated that you can’t skate.

Recent Aha Moment:

From Spain, he traveled with the Jart skateboard team to England. He spent 36 hours in a van going all the way through France then in the tunnel underneath the English Channel. It was the longest he spent in one space and it made him think that if he can do this he could do anything.

Lessons about traveling for skateboarding:

It’s the most amazing thing about skateboarding and traveling. When you’re at home you have a routine. But going overseas your daily routine is so different and you have to adjust to traveling, living, and being. His first trip was through Mountain Dew with him, Eli Reed, Mike Franklin, and Paul Rodriguez.

Why He Loves Spain:

Although LA is the mecca, Barcelona has so many skatespots and marble all within 50 miles. Skatespots all in a tiny city.

How He Overcomes Fear:

If he’s going to jump down stairs, he’ll have his friends there. Or maybe have them do it first.

Best Advice He Ever Received:

“Skate how you wanna skate. You can’t please everyone” – Torey Pudwill

Who motivates him:

Daewon Song


Get in contact on instagram: http://instagram.com/zarazua87 and Kryspheadwear.com


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