Skate Motivation is a global online community dedicated to motivating skateboarders to be their best on and off the board.

Founded in May 2015, Skate Motivation was founded as a Instagram account that quickly grew to over 20,000 followers in 4 months. In September 2015, Skate Motivation also launched a website and a podcast dedicated to adding a unique voice to the skate community. Skate Motivation was founded on the belief that skateboarders everywhere have the power to transform their lives and the communities around them. We noticed that although there are tons of places online to read interviews, watch contest, and learn tricks, there was nothing about the motivational aspects of skate culture.

Skate Motivation is a project of STOKED is an award winning non profit organization with the mission of promoting personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living through action sports culture. Since 2005, STOKED has impacted the lives of 3500 youth in New York and Los Angeles. Skate Motivation is a new project dedicated to serving the skateboarding community.

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J Scott Handsdown
Joel Jutagir
026 How to be fulfilled in life and not lost as a skateboarder
Spencer Fujimoto
024 Carlos Zarazua
Vinicius Tinoco
022 Rodney Torres on overcoming injuries
021 Skate Motivation Interview with Matt Belair
020 Skate Motivation Interview with Lazer Crawford
019 Skate Motivation Interview with Matthew Holifield
018 Skate Motivation Interview with Felix Arguelles
017 Skate Motivation Interview with Brett Conti
016 Skate Motivation Interview with Thalente Biyela
015 Fear Is Only As Real As You Make It
014 Skate Motivation Interview with Aaron "Jaws" Homoki
013 Skate Motivation Interview with Steven Maune
012 Skate Motivation Interview with Vinnie Banh
Skate Motivation Interview with Steve Berra
Interview with Steve Berra
Interview with Andy Schrock
Interview with Preston Pollard


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