008 Skate Motivation Interview with Mac Premo

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated director and artist? Join us as Mac Premo shares his journey and skateboarding mindset and get an inside glance at his life and career.

007 Skate Motivation Interview with Preston Pollard

Interview with Preston Pollard

What does it take to be a motivated skateboarder who gets to travel the world and inspire people? Join us as Preston Pollard shares his story and get inside glance at a motivational speaker who skateboards. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

006 Skate Motivation Interview with Cairo Foster

What does it take to have a long career as a professional skateboarder? Join us as Cairo Foster shares his personal motivational tips and mindset and get inside glance at the long career and journey of a skateboarding legend.

005 Skate Motivation Interview with Black Dave

What does it take to be a sponsored skateboarder and a professional rapper? Join us as Black Dave shares the ups and downs of his career, his travels, and motivation. Black Dave shares how his mindset and determination plays a role in his daily life. Skate Maps.

004 Skate Motivation Interview with Greg Lutzka

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated Skateboarder? Join us as Greg Lutzka shares his rich career full of stories. Greg goes into his mindset and get an inside glance at the life of a professional and successful skateboarder.

002 Skate Motivation Interview with Shaun Hover

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated leader in the skateboard community? Join us as Shaun Hover shares his skateboarding philosophy and get an inside glance at his journey of becoming a leader in the skateboard community, a family man, and social entrepreneur.

000 Skate Motivation Podcast Intro

What’s up everyone. This is the first episode of the Skate Motivation podcast! With every episode, we’ll be putting some notes/summary behind each episode. In the podcasting world, these are the show notes. We’re stoked to bring this to you and glad you’re following and listening. In this episode, we’ll be talking about the history of the instagram account, Why we … Read More

Advice: What To Do With Haters

I thought I’d bring up something super important and we’ll be delving in much deeper later at some point in the future. When I was younger, haters used to bother me. Now… I ignore them… How do you deal with haters? Does it just eat you alive the things they say? Or do? Do you feel like you’re not wanting … Read More