Behind the Post: At The End, It’s Just You Vs You

At the end, it’s just you vs you This was the most popular post on instagram this past week. The reason why I posted this is for 2 reasons…. First, I want you guys to know that anything you want to achieve in life it’s up to you. You have to see it, believe it, and achieve it. Second, If … Read More

Behind The Post: Double Tap If You Want To Be Sponsored

Is your goal to be a sponsored skater? Or you don’t just care, you just want to have fun with skating? Well apparently, this post blew up for us. It got over 2500 likes and 350+ comments. Well why? I think secretly, a lot of skaters want to be sponsored. Whether they admit it or not. I think for the … Read More

Music to Skate To: Vol #1

A little while ago, we asked the Skate Motivation Community what music do they love to skate to. Here are 3 recommendations. Suggested by: Drakers21 Suggested by: Colton72 Suggested by: rcarrera315

The Best Parts of the Instagram Skate Community

Even know it takes a lot of work to keep the Instagram account and now a podcast going. I really love the fact that I can be creative and I can just think of ideas and put them out there for all of you guys to come soon. But I get the very best reward or do escape would’ve answered … Read More

The Skate Motivation Story

A lot of people like to ask me, how did I get the idea of starting Skate Motivation. First I’d been obsessing about niche everything. Businesses, Skaters, Brands – things that are mad specific. When you look at it, there’s no arguing wtf it is. Then one day, this guy I follow on Instagram reposted an image from Gentlemans Mafia. … Read More