Behind The Post: Double Tap If You Want To Be Sponsored

Is your goal to be a sponsored skater? Or you don’t just care, you just want to have fun with skating?

Well apparently, this post blew up for us. It got over 2500 likes and 350+ comments. Well why?

I think secretly, a lot of skaters want to be sponsored. Whether they admit it or not. I think for the most part, though, We all want skateboarding to be part of our life 24/7.

Because we eat, think, drink skateboarding… we’re afraid of having to face the reality that some of us may or may not have what it takes to be a skater.

Although, 300+ people commented with their dream sponsors, there were a small amount of people that hated on the post.

I expected that.

Truthfully, sometimes I post things just to see what people like and you know what?

The Skate Motivation community really like the idea of being sponsored.

But back to the small minority of people…. this is what they wrote:

oaflyfeSponsored skating is contrived as fuck in 2016.

thebadideaHow about…. Double tap if you inderstand (sic) that skateboarding is about expression amd (sic) community. And if all you give a shit about is being sponsored you should just go do something else. Because your part of the problem period. What? Say somethin.. Thats what i though (sic).

ginoo_delacruzI Do It For Fun. Fuck a Sponsor.

mark2steezyFuck that… Just skate for fun

Well, I thought it was a lot more than that, but you get the point. I wonder why people hate on the fact that certain skaters want to be sponsored. I admit, when I was younger, the idea of a pro skater was totally not an option for me. In fact, I did do it for fun. I skated my ass off all the time with my friends.

But times are different, having a career in skating, if totally an option. It’s super rare, but there’s a whole industry that people can get jobs in. If sponsored skater isn’t viable, then maybe a designer, sales, marketing person, is an option.

I think either way, why knock someone for having a dream to be a pro skater. Seriously, most of the people that I interviewed for the Skate Motivation Podcast from Steve Berra, to Greg Lutzka, to Black Dave, to even JP Garcia — they all had the dream to be sponsored. I’m sure a small minority of people hated on them too.

Bottom line, your dream is your dream. Don’t let anyone take it away from you….BUT you have to work super hard, b/c dreams are just dreams… and everyone has those.

What do you think?




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