008 Skate Motivation Interview with Mac Premo

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated director and artist? Join us as Mac Premo shares his journey and skateboarding mindset and get an inside glance at his life and career.

The Best Parts of the Instagram Skate Community

Even know it takes a lot of work to keep the Instagram account and now a podcast going. I really love the fact that I can be creative and I can just think of ideas and put them out there for all of you guys to come soon. But I get the very best reward or do escape would’ve answered … Read More

The Skate Motivation Story

A lot of people like to ask me, how did I get the idea of starting Skate Motivation. First I’d been obsessing about niche everything. Businesses, Skaters, Brands – things that are mad specific. When you look at it, there’s no arguing wtf it is. Then one day, this guy I follow on Instagram reposted an image from Gentlemans Mafia. … Read More