The Skate Motivation Story

A lot of people like to ask me, how did I get the idea of starting Skate Motivation. First I’d been obsessing about niche everything. Businesses, Skaters, Brands – things that are mad specific. When you look at it, there’s no arguing wtf it is.

Then one day, this guy I follow on Instagram reposted an image from Gentlemans Mafia. I look at that, then boom, I’m in this world of motivation on Instagram. I have no idea how deep the motivation Instagram ┬ácommunity is. I then start following everyone who is affiliated with them and Motivation Mafia.

And I also love watching a lot of skate video clips on Instagram and I follow a lot of pro skateboarders. And my day job is that motivate inspire kids through skateboarding and I’ve been looking for ways to keep kids stoked on skateboarding.

Then one day while I was running on the Manhattan Bridge I was just struck with the idea to start a motivational Instagram account with skateboarding why would combine pictures of skateboarding with motivational quotes.

It wasn’t that hard to come up with a name for the account I just called it’s Skate Motivation. I registered it on Instagram. Then I just went around and started getting a whole bunch of images that I thought that I liked. Then I followed a whole bunch of motivational account and copied all of their quotes and then I started making a whole bunch of quotes all at once I would do about five or six in a row. I somehow knew that if I posted a lot of images in the beginning that I would start gathering a lot of attention.

This is the first image I posted ever:

First image was of Tony Hawk with a quote I made up.

First image was of Tony Hawk with a quote I made up.

Then I started following a bunch of hashtags like skateboarding, skate, skate life and I started following a bunch of those people that use those hashtags a lot. And that’s how I got started. I knew that if I kept it consistent with posting and the way that it looked the images that people would start to trust me and want to follow the account and that was my point I wanted to connect with two street skaters so that they would follow the account and we can start building a community and this all started right at the end of April early May and I’m so stoked that it’s grown so fast.

These are the the following first 4 posts I ever made up. I decided to make them super simple. Keep it Black and White or some sepia tone and be consistent with the placement of the @skate.motivation. I later changed the positioning because people kept taking the photos and cropping it out. I don’t mind people taking photos, just want the credit — like I do with the photos I grab.

Failure will never overtake me if my

Also one of the reasons why I chose Instagram is because I’m personally loving Instagram and how simple it is to just write and post an image and like it and that’s it on Facebook you got to get peoples opinions and it’s really just not back and do serve to building a community and branding an idea and that’s what I wanted to do with skate motivation.

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